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Our Family
Baby Levi

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Praying for Poop

I am hoping the title of my blog post today does not offend anyone, but it is truly what we are praying for.

Drew and I returned to the hospital this morning just as the doctors were rounding on Levi (this was the plan). They are still confused about why his belly seems to be giving him difficulty. They are hypothesizing several different possibilities. 1) Levi may have a meconium plug or excess meconium that is taking awhile to get out of his system. 2) Levi is having difficulty processing food because his nerves are not all developed or because his colon is not formed right. 3) It is a metabolic disorder.

We are hoping it is hypothesis number one and so are the docs. They are going to begin giving Levi suppositories to aid in regular pooping. His belly looked better today, so I have been released to breastfeed again. If Levi begins feeding and digesting then we will begin moving forward. If he does not, then we will start investigating hypothesis number two, which will include tests where dye is introduced to his system and they can x-ray or ultrasound so see how it flows through his digestive track. The third hypothesis requires blood work tests which have been sent to the University Campus but take 2-4 weeks to get results.

Drew and I are praying that Levi's difficulty in digestion has been related to meconium. We are praying relentlessly that he will begin feeding and pooping. Please pray for poop (and poop that is starting to change over from meconium to regular poop). Please also pray that Levi will begin acting hungry and waking up to nurse. Due to the lack of digestion his bilirubin keeps elevating (creating jaundice) which makes him more tired.

We praise God this morning because we felt that there was more direction about how we are going to proceed. We praise God because we did discover that Levi would not necessarily have to remain in the hospital until the 2-4 week test came back. We praise God because He is faithful and our baby boy is beautiful! We both have a strong feeling that if Levi can get his eating and digestion on board that he would come home soon.

Thank you for the many encouraging messages and e-mails. You support has at times kept me (Sarah) standing through this whole thing.


  1. Sarah, we continue to keep your family, and especially little Levi, in our prayers!

  2. Drew and Sarah, I don't know alot of really 'special' little ones, like Levi, but it seems to me that God specially choses special children to be given to special parents. I am blessed when I read and see your faith lived out as it is through this difficult road you are now traveling. I will continue to pray for Levi and all of you.

  3. You know you are parents when you pray for poop!! :) We're praying right along with you here!
    Thank-you for continually sharing what is going on... we love you & that little boy (& his big sister) so much, & are blessed to know of how we can be praying!!
    Love you lots!