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Our Family
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

A follow-up to "Dealing with Disappointment and Discouragement"

Happy Easter! May the Lord Jesus Christ bring you His grace and peace today (and tomorrow and for many, many more days) as we are reminded of His incredible sacrifice and the awesome victory that He won on our behalf - 2000 years ago and every minute of every day since then!

I intentionally waited for a couple days to write the blog that we posted yesterday so as to not be in the deepest throes of disappointment and discouragement while writing. We do trust and believe that God has the necessary answers and will provide the necessary strength and stamina and faith to continue to entrust our son's life and health to Him.

I'm not at all sorry to have shared what we are thinking and feeling because we want to be honest and vulnerable in our sharing and because we have appreciated so much the thoughts and prayers of those that are walking with us on this journey. With that being said, however, I also wanted to share the next part of this story.

God really met me a church today. The message was about "hope" and I have been overwhelmed today with the realization and the reminder that our hope is not lost. We are guaranteed to be forgiven from our sins if we only ask. We are guaranteed to have God's help and presence as we wrestle through all of the challenges and difficulties that have entered the world with the first sin and that every human since Adam and Eve has faced. We have hope and we have victory - whether Levi is in the hospital for another day or another month. We have hope and we have victory - whether we have answers to our questions and concerns or not. We have hope and we have victory - whether we always remember it or not.

If you are interested in listening to this message we heard at church today, you can find it here. This will only be available on the church's website for the next 5 weeks, but it is definitely worth the time to watch/listen and can also be downloaded on iTunes if you would like to find it that way.

Christ is risen... He is risen, indeed!


  1. The church website is: www.thedoor.org
    If you click on the word "here" in the post above, it is already linked and will take you directly to the recent messages.