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Our Family
Baby Levi

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Asking for Special Prayers

Levi Jonathan  

Today has been a day of mixed emotions! This afternoon we received a phone call from Levi's doctor. She was calling to update us on Levi's condition. Due to a change in his color (he was a bit ashy looking today) and a difference in his activity level (he was incredibly lethargic and passive) she was a bit concerned that he may be coming down with an infection. They were running labs and had begun antibiotics. She also told us that they had officially heard a murmur when listening to his heart so they had ordered the ECHO cardiogram. It was a difficult  phone call to say the least. 

Later in the afternoon Drew and I were able to see Levi and be at the hospital for his ECHO. The ECHO revealed that Levi has what is called a PDA which is a small hole that is relatively common and which should close up on its own. This is good news because the concern had been that he had a VSD which can be a more threatening congenital heart defect.The other good news was that Levi's bilirubin had decreased significantly so he had been taken back off the lights.

This evening we returned to see Levi only to be told that he had not digested the feeding they gave him 3 hours before. He had also spit up. They were choosing to hold his feedings for the time being and were going to retrieve a urinalysis to rule out at UTI. We could tell he did not feel good tonight. We were unable to attempt breast feeding, but they did allow us to snuggle with him for quite some time.

As his parents it is hard to see/hear that he is not feeling well and to not be the primary caregiver for him at this time. It is also hard not to be discouraged because we seem to be backtracking. While we want him to be fully READY to come home, it is difficult to be patient for when that time may be.

Please pray that Levi's cultures help to determine what is causing him discomfort. Please pray that he begins to show signs of improvement. Please pray that we can begin to move forward again. 

Levi is a truly remarkable little man.


  1. Praying for Levi to get better! Love you all!
    - Sarah Abendroth

  2. Praying for levi now..and mom n dad n sis too...

  3. I continue to pray for all of you

  4. Oh man. Praying for our precious little friend today. What a rollercoaster for you guys yesterday! Will be praying for you guys as well.

    Love you muchly!

  5. We are continuing to pray for you, sweet Levi!!
    Jessica & Gabe