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Our Family
Baby Levi

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I realized it has been several days since we last posted on our blog. Here has has been the latest:

Saturday 4/30 - The doctor informed us that she had consulted with several specialists and several of the concerns that she had, had been relieved by several of the specialists. Levi may need to visit several specialists post discharge but none of the them wanted to see him currently. The hematologist did agree with the doctor that Levi was headed towards becoming anemic so they put him on vitamins, increased his iron supplement and started a series of injections of a certain substance that our bodies naturally produce. This treatment would require that Levi stay in the hospital throughout the coming week.

Sunday 5/1 - Levi's bilirubin seemed to be stabilizing... this is good news.

Monday 5/2 - Essentially we are waiting for this treatment to run its course to see if it raises his Hemoglobin level... there was an elevated protein level that concerned the doctor. I was glad to be around while the doctors were doing rounds since I had been under the impression that the injection treatment would be finished on Wednesday a.m. and was told it would not be complete until Tuesday 5/10. We were able to change the frequency of injections and so now Levi's last treatment will be on Friday 5/6.

Tuesday 5/3 - Levi has had trouble bottling in the past 24 hours. He has choked on the milk and has stopped breathing (apnic spells) several times. We are not sure why he is doing this, but I have been discouraged since until now he has been eating WONDERFULLY!

The doctors are saying very little about when Levi can come home. I am praying that he will be home for Mother's Day. The best gift would be to have both my kids under the same roof! For this to happen, we need Levi to stop having problems bottling, we need his hemoglobin levels to continue to rise and we need him to pass his car seat evaluation. I will admit today it has been hard to hear several other babies being cleared to go home... it is hard not to question the Lord regarding his plans. Levi keeps having unusual things come up to keep him in the hospital it really is mind boggling as to what purpose the Lord has for our family.

Today I am beginning to board in the hospital so that I can feed Levi throughout the night. He is nursing really well... though I still question my supply. When he nurses he never has apnic spells.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. We appreciate everyone's support.This has been one of the harder things I have had to go through.


  1. Praying for you & that sweet boy!!
    Love you,

  2. The supplement Fenugreek can sometimes help boost your milk supply. It helped me with my first baby when I was having that issue. You can find it at stores like GNC.

  3. praying for a deeper comfort from the Father for each of you...and for Mr. Levi to find his way to his new home before mother's day.

    I'm sorry today was so discouraging Sarah. We think of you several times every day. Love you,