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Our Family
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ECHO - 1/19

I will be honest the ECHO was anxiety provoking for me! This was a moment of truth and everyone in the office seemed to be very focused on their job. I admire those who do this ultrasound work. The ECHO was simply amazing! It takes detailed pictures of each chamber, vein and artery of the babies heart! This is no small task when you have a little guy who likes to MOVE ALOT :) Our technician was WONDERFUL. You have to be quick with these little babies.

The ultrasound allows us to be cautiously hopeful. Overall our healthy boy is being really cooperative with this whole pregnancy. The left side of his heart is a little enlarged which demonstrates that it is working a little harder than it should. The cardiologist stated we will just need to keep a close eye on him. We now have two more appointments scheduled with her (February 16 and March 9). The plan at this point will be to see the perinatalogists weekly and the cardiologist every 3-4 weeks. Our insurance company is going to LOVE us!

We are trying to remain hopeful and praying that this is the extent of stress on our little one's heart!

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  1. The ECHO technology is amazing. I've never had it done to a child in the womb, but when Abby was born, she had a murmur. We took her to Children's when she was about 1 month and they did all sorts of tests. Those tests were amazing to watch, and I am (was) so thankful for the gift of technology.
    I'll be praying for you, the baby, and Drew as you walk through this uncertain time.